Calendar Import

Add the following link to your calendar to keep up to date with our events automatically:

Google Calendar

  1. Find "Other calendars" and click on the arrow to the right of it.
  2. Click on "Add by URL".
  3. Paste the link from the textfield above and click "Add Calendar".
  4. The events will be added to your calendar. You can now rename and recolor it to your wishes.

iPhone Calendar App

  1. Go to this site on your iPhone and copy the link from the textfield above.
  2. Go to the settings app.
  3. Find and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendar".
  4. Touch "Add account" below your existing accounts.
  5. Choose "Other", and afterwards "Add subscribed Calendar".
  6. Paste the link from the textfield above and touch "Next".
  7. Your iPhone will now confirm the link you entered is correct, thus make sure it is connected to the internet.
    • In the "Sever" field you will be shown the link again.
    • You can set a name for the calendar in the "Description" field, e.g. "Sosnowka Dub Events".
    • Leave username and password empty.
    • SSL should be activated automatically.
  8. Touch "Done" to confirm.