Free Dub Vol. 1

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# Artist Title Duration Source Source Quality License
1 Dani Ites Deep part1 03:28 320kbps mp3 pending
2 aDUBta meets Dub à la Pub Der dubbige Hund 05:22 320kbps mp3 pending
3 Art-X Cotton [ft. Panda Dub] 03:01 224kbps mp3 pending
4 Algar Delhi Dub 04:21 320kbps mp3 pending
5 Dub Riots Zinc Head 04:57 320kbps mp3 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, used w/ permission
6 Bo Marley & disrupt Bauhelm/Dub (Sosnowka Dub Mix) 04:13 192kbps mp3 mixed in lossless CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DE/pending
7 Bass Culture Players Rally Round [ft. Dani Ites] 04:59 320kbps mp3 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
8 Alambic Conspiracy Deep Frozen Dub 04:35 192kbps mp3 pending
9 Bob Marley Sun is Shining (Blue Hill Remix) 04:59 320kbps mp3 pending
10 Dawa Hifi Outernational Skanking 03:41 256kbps mp3 pending
11 Bo Marley Mofa Fahren 04:09 192kbps mp3 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DE
12 Tiburk Sound System Plane to Nowhere 07:49 160kbps mp3 pending
13 Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood Dubios Dub Dance 04:48 320kbps mp3 pending
14 Dani Ites Love Jah 04:00 320kbps mp3 pending
15 Art-X Swimming Loop [ft. Ondubground] 03:00 224kbps mp3 pending
16 Twixymillia Deep Forest Dub (Sosnowka Cut) 02:10 320kbps mp3 cut as 320kbps mp3 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, used w/ permission

Covers by PeKeMon666

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